A Regea,

is a consulting company with over 20 years of strong presence in the market and has extensive expertise in running projects in the fields of geology, engineering, geotechnics and environment.

Technical Staff

The team is comprised of geologists, geographers, engineers, biologists, economists, lawyers, architects, business managers and environmental technicians. They are specialized professionals, graduates from the best universities and research and education institutes. The multidisciplinary team is fully prepared to operate in an integrated way, constantly striving for efficiency and excellence in project implementation, with utmost care for occupational health and safety and up to the highest business transparency and ethical standards. The excellent professional reputation and the vast experience of REGEA’s staff make up the differential and some of the main attributes of the company.

REGEA’s client portfolio includes industrial manufacturers, construction companies (highways, railways, pipeline, land development, civil engineering), water supply and energy  companies, government agencies and basin committees.

REGEA develops projects related to:

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