Regularization of rural properties

regularizacao imoveis rurais

  • Rural Environmental Registry;
  • Rectification of area;
  • Dismemberment and Rememberment;
  • Adjustment with INCRA; and
  • Settlement of ITR and CCIR.

Contaminated sites management and hydrogeology

gerenciamento areas contaminadas

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment;
  • Phase II and III Environmental Site Assessment;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Toxicological human health risk assessment;
  • Mathematical modeling of flow and contaminants transport;
  • Geophysical and morphological-structural analysis for studies into fractured aquifers;
  • Intervention measures and Management Plan for contaminated areas;
  • Project design of remediation systems; and
  • Environmental monitoring for closure of contaminated area processes;
  • Groundwater sampling – Low flow;
  • Groundwater Sampling – Disposable sampler (Bailer);
  • Wastewater sampling and receiving bodies; and
  • Analytical field assays – Determination of pH, Conductivity, Temperature, redox Potential and dissolved Oxygen.

Geological-geotechnical and geo-environmental investigations

geologico geotecnicas

  •  Geophysical surveys (electro resistivity, spontaneous potential, electromagnetic, GPR; magnetometry and gravimetry);
  • Collection of undisturbed soil samples;
  • Percussion drilling and Standard Penetration Test (SPT);
  • Hollow stem auger, rotary and rotary-percussive drillings; and
  • Bathymetric surveys.

Climate change

mudanca clima

  • Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emission management;
  • Industry and business inventories of greenhouse gases emissions;
  • Capability and information trainings;
  • Technical support for implementation of the Plan of Reduction of Atmospheric Emission from Stationary Sources, which is an environmental law from the State of São Paulo;
  • Identification and characterization of impacts caused by climate change; and
  • Identification and characterization of mitigation and adaptation measures for impacts caused by climate change.

Natural disaster risk management

gestao risco desastres naturais

  • Projects and studies for deployment or restructuring of the System of Natural Disasters Risk Management and Civil Defense;
  • Cartography of risks, hazards, vulnerabilities and susceptibilities concerning natural disasters;
  • Geotechnical cartography for aptitude to urban expansion;
  • Municipal Risk Mitigation Plan;
  • Technical and Administrative Procedures for Civil Defense;
  • Professional Training Plan for the employees of institutions related to Civil Defense activities;
  • Training courses for volunteers of Civil Defense;
  • Technical support to emergency assistance concerning risk situations for official agencies of response to natural and technological disasters.

Contaminated sites remediation

remediacao areas contaminadas

  • Pump & Treat Remediation (Hydraulic barrier);
  • Permeable Reactive Barriers;
  • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) and Methane;
  • Dual Phase Extraction (DPE) and Multi Phase Extraction (MPE)
  • Bioremediation and Monitored Natural Attenuation; and
  • In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO).

Geographical information system and geoprocessing techniques

sistema informacoes geograficas geoprocessamento

  • Georeferencing, treatment, interpretation, processing and orthorectification of aerial and satellite imaging;
  • Data acquisition by use of GPS and DGPS;
  • Aero photogrammetric restitution;
  • Topographic Reference Level Installation – RL;
  • Staff training in GIS;
  • Maintenance and update of implemented systems; and
  • Database deployment with interface in GIS.

Geotechnical and Geological Support for Projects of Civil Construction and Mining

atividades c

  • Management of projects and operations concerning geotechnics, drainage and hydrogeology;
  • Environmental management of Civil Construction;
  • Geomechanical classification of soil and rock mass;
  • Assessment of siltation in reservoirs;
  • Studies and Projects for stabilization of erosion, land sliding and siltation processes;
  • Executive projects for stabilization of slopes and embankments;
  • Economic Exploitation Plan, Mining Annual Report, Environmental Control Plan;
  • Mineral research report and mineral deposits evaluation;
  • Engineering projects;
  • Geological and geotechnical, geomorphological and morphometric characterization for PCH, HPP, UGH and other exploitation of hydroelectric projects and transmission lines;
  • Analysis of risk and causes of collapse and subsidence; and
  • Safety analysis for dams.

Water Resources Management

gerenciamento recursos hidricos

  • Status report on water resources situation;
  • Watershed management;
  • Characterization and studies for aquifer vulnerability;
  • Integrated management of surface water and groundwater resources;
  • Registration of water resources users and study for charging of water use;
  • Environmental Protection and Development Plan for Protected Areas and Recovery of Water Sources – Draft of specific laws; and
  • Plan for Use Conservation of Surrounding Areas in Artificial Reservoirs.

Environmental impact assessment and licensing services

viabilidade0licenciamento ambiental zambo

  • Environmental feasibility studies for a diverse range of projects (territorial and urban planning, industrial parks, mining operations, highways, pipelines, etc.);
  • Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Impact Report;
  • Preliminary Environmental Report;
  • Degraded Areas Recovery Plan;
  • Environmental Control Report;
  • Simplified Environmental Study;
  • Environmental Basic Plan;
  • Project Description Report;
  • Granting for water resources uses.

Territorial and urban planning

planejamento territorial urbano

  • Characterization of land use and occupation;
  • Geotechnical and geo-environmental charts;
  • Risk cartography of environmental physical processes (landslides, flooding, washouts, etc);
  • Disaster risk cartography and geotechnical and environmental zoning for Municipal Master Plans; and
  • Ecological and economic zoning and environmental Atlas.

Environmental Management for Business

gestao empresarial ambiental

  • Legal and regulatory environmental compliance;
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems;
  • Environmental Auditing;
  • Sustainability Report – Global Reporting Initiative (GRI);
  • Identification of technologies for sustainable comsumption and production;
  • Solutions to environmental technical barriers for trading relations;
  • Product Life Cycle Assessment;
  • Technical support for environmental labeling.

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